The list of favourites on his phone was obviously missing a name, and he was getting used to it very easily.  Stella was in fact his un-favourite person in the world.  A dead loss. Seeing the list without Stella’s name on it was the pleasing part, like when Huddersfield was relegated from the Premier League.  … More Absence

The Nursemaid

Alcohol, he reflected, was the nursemaid of truth.  And in recognition of the rising days of spring, he had switched to gin.  It would last as long as the current bout of hot weather, for a few days, before he went back to his old friend whisky. Lilith (not her real name) sat there opposite … More The Nursemaid

About His Person

Among the faces of concerned onlookers, one stood out for its complete lack of empathy, the indifference signalled by her questioning, arched eyebrows and her expressionless mouth. “Bring her over to me,” the Inspector said to the sergeant, pointing her out and walking away from the forensic team who were cutting down the body.  In … More About His Person

Bad Sex

From the moment when Luke’s eyes met the girl’s from the opposite side of the beach party, they both knew.  Immediately, he cut a course towards her, wading through the revellers who danced trance-like in the warm twilight of their Greek island, floating on the waves of bass, buoyed by quantities of retsina. Her name … More Bad Sex

The Picture House

In that moment, Parker had recognised her.  Melanie somebody.  A face from the papers.  Rare beauty and even rarer businesswoman.  Looking up at the cinema screen when the glare lit her face and cast dark shadows against her fine cheekbones.  Silver light filled out the delicate profile of her nose.  He knew it well. They’d … More The Picture House