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I was born in Lincolnshire in the no man’s land between Baby Boomers and Generation X and lived at times in Manchester and then in London. But for over half of my life I’ve lived in Devon, England (the not-so-United Kingdom).

Having put off the job for a few decades, I wrote my first novel, an action thriller called Descent, in 2018 and followed it up with a sequel, Acts of Revenge in 2019.  I took a break from Marc to work on a new project Knights of the Blackdowns during 2020, before returning to complete Marc’s third and greatest adventure, Dead Drop, in 2021.

When not authoring, or sawing up bits of wood, I’m an IT professional.  While the Internet was still young I was a journalist, and for a few carefree years in the late 1980s I worked as a farming contractor.

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