Ghosts in the Waves

The storm had fetched masses of flotsam onto the beach, where I found a sealed bottle and inside it an aged letter, fifty years old: My love You should have missed your flight. Somehow you caught it, would that events had been different. You were remote, thinking about the journey when we kissed.  Upset, I … More Ghosts in the Waves

Murdered MENSA Man Managed Mob Money

“Sorry amigo, shop’s shut … hey for Chrissake, put that gun away!” “Not amigo. Bad hombre. Vicente sends a message: ‘Now I Am Become Death’.” “Who the fuck is Vicente? Sounds more like Vishnu! You want Carl? He’s out.” “Nice try.” “You want Carl’s money? Have it, it’s not mine.” “What you got?” “There’s a … More Murdered MENSA Man Managed Mob Money