Moccasins #3

The display case bore the legend: North American Indian Culture.  She noticed a plain but delicately stitched pair of moccasins and then realised her attention had been guided unconsciously by following another person’s gaze.  On the other side of the cabinet, his nose touching the glass, the man’s eyes were fixed on the domestic exhibit. … More Moccasins #3

Moccasins #2

Once again, after many barren years, she had felt the softest flutter inside her.  Now she was working her way down through the contents of an old leather bag, down to the lowest layers, where the tiniest clothes were buried.  Surely it would be another boy.  She wanted her son to have a baby brother, … More Moccasins #2

Moccasins #1

The hare’s skin peeled away from its body as smoothly and cleanly as the shell from a cooked egg.  Wisps of steam rose thinly from the flesh, like a spirit departing under the weak sun.  The hunter apologised humbly to his quarry, and to the earth where its intestines now lay: he and his family … More Moccasins #1