Dog days

There was no mistaking what was happening between them. He had quite ignored her at first.  A few days later he had managed a laconic greeting. Now they had at last talked together with warmth and confidence. Her senses heightened and her heart was full.  She could not keep this to herself any longer! The … More Dog days

Bad Sex

From the moment when Luke’s eyes met the girl’s from the opposite side of the beach party, they both knew.  Immediately, he cut a course towards her, wading through the revellers who danced trance-like in the warm twilight of their Greek island, floating on the waves of bass, buoyed by quantities of retsina. Her name … More Bad Sex


It’s a good question … let’s get this right. I did have a careful think about it, and I polled some opinions.  Why won’t other people give a straight answer to a straight question? My brother said: “strong women.  Don’t you love ’em?” My sister spat: “gold digger.”  Actually I don’t really have a sister.  … More Wedding


He knocked, waited a while, and when no-one answered, went down the side of the house towards the sound of a lawnmower. His father was marching briskly behind the machine, carving stripes through the green sward.  The smell of cut grass and two-stroke oil exhaust fumes came straight from his youth. The old man looked … More Home


You are walking along the clifftop, pink light filling the cold air at the end of the day. The crowds are leaving, the hum of life falling away. The evening breeze is carrying the smell of beach decay, a smell of sulphur and brine lifting up and over the cliff, a smell from a world … More Menace


Dimly at first, but steadily growing louder, I heard the roar of surf: I was nearing the shore. I lay on my back again and kicked out as best I could. My arms and legs felt stiff, but the shivering had passed. At last I had a sense of direction, aided by the first light … More Gull