Acts of Revenge

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People asked me about my “next Marc Miller book” all through 2018, and here it is: it’s titled Acts of Revenge. It was published in 2019.

Our hero moves to Malta; struggles to establish a diving business; every skeleton in his cupboard escapes (and he has quite a few); things turn ugly; finally, when everything is on the brink, he decides there’s just one good thing he might be able to do…

You don’t have to read the books in the right order, although there are things in the first book which add context to parts of the second.

In case you’re interested, here are a few notes on influences and other tidbits.

  1. Malta features significantly in terms of locations and the local politics. We enjoyed a wonderful holiday in Valletta at the tail end of 2017, which was the week that Daphne Caruana Galizia got blown up, which was horrible and rather disturbing and continues to be so.
  2. While we enjoyed watching the amazing huge cruise liners come and go in Valletta, this rather humbling sculpture caught our eye, the Maltese Child Migrants’ Monument (below, in the foreground). It spoke volumes to me, as much about the current Mediterranean immigration crisis as about Malta’s Australian Adoption scandal of the 1950s and 60s. The whole migrants issue has been an ongoing tragedy for years now, and continues to evolve. And no, I don’t have an easy answer for it, unfortunately.maltese_child_migrants_monument
  3. Read this description of conditions for irregular migrants in Libya
  4. I enjoyed a really superb book, East of Eden, by John Steinbeck which has contributed some of the important themes of the book. Lots of people I know read this when they were at school – and I’m still catching up!
  5. I was told by some “fans” that my style was similar to (better than, even!) Lee Childs’ Jack Reacher novels, so I read the first one. I now know what they were saying, and importantly how to remain a bit different. (No offence, Lee: enjoyed your book!).
  6. Female readers may be glad to learn that our (fallible) hero Marc is *really trying* to act more like a grown up, so far as the women in his life are concerned. They don’t make it easy for him.
  7. On the musical scene we went to a sublime performance of Fingal’s Cave, and I rediscovered The Strangler’s rendition of Walk On By which is absolutely the best cover ever done of it and always leaves me in a state of high emotion.
  8. Fans of Shakespeare’s A Winter’s Tale may notice certain loose connections with his story of romance, and
  9. Readers of Nicholas Monsarrat’s The Kappillan of Malta may recognise an almost familiar character, spiritually at least, who deserved a happier ending in his book and I imagined one for him.