On a roll

Kevin’s long memory extended to the legendary toilet paper shortage of ‘73, triggered by Johnny Carson.  His father made his fortune from it and he had spent the last two years preparing for a Brexit cliff-edge, hoping to repeat the trick.  But now his moment had arrived for quite another reason. He looked down at … More On a roll


Not that he was paranoid, but something really was going on.  The ticklish, itching feeling was back.  Alone in his bed, Bryce felt a surge of panic and began to sweat.  It was his imagination taking hold, he knew, but he was quite awake now, even though his eyes were still closed.  The house was … More Bug

Best Kept Secret

“I know.” “Hmm?  What’s that?” asked Jack vaguely from behind his phone. “I know,” Linda’s voice was low, her eyes fixed firmly on her husband and her eyebrows levelled into that x-ray frown that could bore through the back of his head, or 10mm of steel and silicon smartphone. He looked up at her.  “I … More Best Kept Secret

Kiss Me

Being under canvas was not Keith’s first choice for how to spend the weekend with Pippa, although besides being cheap it was not without other advantages.  First among these was proximity in the absence of other distractions.  It might provide a fillip for their increasingly placid relations, he thought, without worrying about her views on … More Kiss Me


“He who hesitates…” she says. “I know,” he says,  “but there’s no rush. We haven’t said a proper goodbye.” She wonders what’s left to say.  “You’ll be glad when you’re on your way.” He’s not so sure.  His destination is faraway.  In his mind, he’s contemplating the part of the journey which looks backwards, to … More Waves


The list of favourites on his phone was obviously missing a name, and he was getting used to it very easily.  Stella was in fact his un-favourite person in the world.  A dead loss. Seeing the list without Stella’s name on it was the pleasing part, like when Huddersfield was relegated from the Premier League.  … More Absence


“Did you want a drink?” I asked. I was still preserving a memory of the coffee that my wealthy friend had served me and wondering how to reproduce it, or even improve on it, were that possible.  His steward had almost achieved perfection.  I thought I might have the right blends in the cupboard. “Thanks,” … More Sexpot


The balloon drifted noiselessly over the green countryside, its passengers looking keenly over the lip of their basket. “Didn’t I say this would be uplifting?” Olivia asked her companion. “In a literal sense,” Julie replied. “Spiritually, I meant.”  Olivia closed her eyes and listened with Zen-like concentration to the rural sounds, which reflected up off … More Overflight