The balloon drifted noiselessly over the green countryside, its passengers looking keenly over the lip of their basket. “Didn’t I say this would be uplifting?” Olivia asked her companion. “In a literal sense,” Julie replied. “Spiritually, I meant.”  Olivia closed her eyes and listened with Zen-like concentration to the rural sounds, which reflected up off … More Overflight

The Cherry

When spring had reached its zenith, and was about to give way to summer, Laura remembered it was time for her to revisit the forgotten orchard. No-one noticed as she set out in the early morning light, and few would have thought anything of it if they had.  She did what she pleased, alone with … More The Cherry

The Nursemaid

Alcohol, he reflected, was the nursemaid of truth.  And in recognition of the rising days of spring, he had switched to gin.  It would last as long as the current bout of hot weather, for a few days, before he went back to his old friend whisky. Lilith (not her real name) sat there opposite … More The Nursemaid

The Match

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” I asked, a burning match poised halfway to my cigarette.  I stared expectantly at Daisy. “When you began lighting up, you said ‘I don’t know why I don’t quit this habit’,” she replied.  “So I said, ‘same question goes for our marriage’.” “I heard what you said, … More The Match