Best Kept Secret

“I know.” “Hmm?  What’s that?” asked Jack vaguely from behind his phone. “I know,” Linda’s voice was low, her eyes fixed firmly on her husband and her eyebrows levelled into that x-ray frown that could bore through the back of his head, or 10mm of steel and silicon smartphone. He looked up at her.  “I … More Best Kept Secret

Desert Island Discs

Lauren: This week’s guest is uber-famous author of Acts of Revenge, Tom Dawn.  Tom, thank you for coming on the show. Yes delighted to meet you too, Lauren.  I’m going with a medieval theme with my picks, but mostly on the cusp of the Renaissance.  Why?  Well, hmm… it goes with my next novel which … More Desert Island Discs

Kiss Me

Being under canvas was not Keith’s first choice for how to spend the weekend with Pippa, although besides being cheap it was not without other advantages.  First among these was proximity in the absence of other distractions.  It might provide a fillip for their increasingly placid relations, he thought, without worrying about her views on … More Kiss Me


“He who hesitates…” she says. “I know,” he says,  “but there’s no rush. We haven’t said a proper goodbye.” She wonders what’s left to say.  “You’ll be glad when you’re on your way.” He’s not so sure.  His destination is faraway.  In his mind, he’s contemplating the part of the journey which looks backwards, to … More Waves


The list of favourites on his phone was obviously missing a name, and he was getting used to it very easily.  Stella was in fact his un-favourite person in the world.  A dead loss. Seeing the list without Stella’s name on it was the pleasing part, like when Huddersfield was relegated from the Premier League.  … More Absence


“Did you want a drink?” I asked. I was still preserving a memory of the coffee that my wealthy friend had served me and wondering how to reproduce it, or even improve on it, were that possible.  His steward had almost achieved perfection.  I thought I might have the right blends in the cupboard. “Thanks,” … More Sexpot

Dog days

There was no mistaking what was happening between them. He had quite ignored her at first.  A few days later he had managed a laconic greeting. Now they had at last talked together with warmth and confidence. Her senses heightened and her heart was full.  She could not keep this to herself any longer! The … More Dog days