Secrets and Lies

Steel-Eyed Steve, across whose pale grey orbs the eyelids haven’t passed for a while.  He’s giving me the steadiest of steady gazes.  Trying to act the alpha male. What does it mean?  Why is he trying to stare me down?  I mean, why me?  I’m not buying it.  Except that it’s hard to wrench your … More Secrets and Lies

The Citadel

DESPITE HERSELF, ONCE SHE’S NOTICED the man, she has to look again. He’s sat propped against the trunk of a tree, apparently not moving. She remembers she’s in a hurry … puts her head down, tries to scuttle by, but … damn her conscience! It always makes her do things she’ll regret later. She steers … More The Citadel

Dinner for two

Against the colourless backdrop of a damp grey pavement, a man walks purposefully past the black iron railings, bearing a bouquet of roses.  He checks the numbers on the grand doorways until he finds the one he seeks.  It’s an expensive pad, he realises.  Jill, the woman he’s met scarcely twice before, has more than … More Dinner for two

On a roll

Kevin’s long memory extended to the legendary toilet paper shortage of ‘73, triggered by Johnny Carson.  His father made his fortune from it and he had spent the last two years preparing for a Brexit cliff-edge, hoping to repeat the trick.  But now his moment had arrived for quite another reason. He looked down at … More On a roll


Not that he was paranoid, but something really was going on.  The ticklish, itching feeling was back.  Alone in his bed, Bryce felt a surge of panic and began to sweat.  It was his imagination taking hold, he knew, but he was quite awake now, even though his eyes were still closed.  The house was … More Bug